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Wi-fi internet for conferences and presentations

Often some types of event are of highly need of Internet access for all the participants. Getting all the cables through the hall - is not the solution as it is uncomfortable and impractical. The best solution is wireless Internet because of WI-FI points with the help of a number of subscriber connections.

STYLE EQUIPTIME COMPANY accommodates WI-FI areas for different kinds of recreational events. Our professionals are always ready to reach the working place, recommend on the equipment required, install and download it. Furthermore, we can organize spare Internet’s line.

WI-FI organization depends on:

  • Working location.
  • Area used.
  • The special expert during the event.

Preparing of WI-FI organization is better to start a couple of days earlier. During this period our experts can reach the location, test it and manage the right solution for Internet organization.

Reasons to be chosen:

  • Vast experience in arranging the event od differ level.
  • Professional staff experts.
  • Vast choice of net equipment in stock.

Do not hesitate to contact our managers in case of WI-FI necessity during the events at +38 (044) 599-78-59.